Every animal here is at the mercy of the person in charge of it, the animal laws of India are good, very good but I do not think any laws are implemented in this state
— Avis Lyons

Kerala - India

Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages
— Thomas Edison (Inventor)

In 2007, Fiona represented the Conlon Wildlife Foundation volunteering at ARK Animal Rescue Kerala in India. Avis Lyons had initially come to Kerala on a vacation with  her daughter Odette. On observing the unbelievable cruelty shown to the animals in the area, Avis returned to London, sold her home, and with the proceeds established the ARK animal rescue center Kerala. 

The dedication Avis shows to the animals here is awe inspiring. A woman truly to be admired, she battles daily to improve the lives of the animals in her care and in the surrounding areas. I found my experience here, although at times emotional, very rewarding. It was truly amazing to be a part of a team run by this incredible woman, who has totally devoted her life to this worthy cause.



Namibia - Africa

Elephant Humans Relations Aid (EHRA)

In March 2008, Fiona, representing the Conlon Wildlife Foundation, visited Namibia to volunteer with Elephant Humans Relations (EHRA) and was thrilled to be able to return to participate in the fund raising trek in October of the same year. 

EHRA was founded by Johannes Haasbroek who, after years of working in various conservation projects in Southern Africa, identified a potential problem with the expansion of the elephant population into Southern Namibia. In founding EHRA, Johannes and his team, coordinated by Rachel Harris, aim to find long term sustainable solutions to the ever growing problem of facilitating the peaceful co habitation between subsistence farmers, community members and the desert adapted elephants. 

Observing EHRA's work with the elephants in their natural environment, the stunning and dramatic Namibian landscape, was a truly magical experience. This project differed in the respect that the protection of these amazing creatures is being carried out without impacting upon their freedom. The elephants are still free to roam the natural habitat and the aim is to ensure the conservation of this freedom into the future.

An animals eyes have the power to speak a great language
— Martin Buber