COTERC - Costa Rica

Cano Palma Station was founded by, a is supported by the Canadian Organization For Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation (COTERC). The mission of COTERC is to provide leadership in education, research, conservation, and the educated use of natural resources in the tropics.  

Fiona represented Conlon Wildlife Foundation and volunteered at The Caño Palma Biological Station, which is located within the Barra Del Colorado Wildlife Refuge adjacent to Caño Palma, a 20 metre palm-filled canal that separates the Biological Station from the Caribbean by 200-300 metres.  The globally endangered green, leatherback, hawksbill and loggerhead sea turtles come ashore to nest on beaches accessible from the station. Volunteers patrol the beaches by night and day to help disguish any evidence of the nests and thus deter poachers.